Monthly Archives: September 2011

Epic DOOM Comment FTW!

I got a chuckle out of a comment against a story regarding the banning of Facebook for Year 7 and Year 8 students at Geelong College. School Bars Facebook What started as an apparent vote of confidence in the policy turned into vote of confidence for the quintessential series of shoot-em-up games of the 1990’s, […]

This Photo Is In Need of a Caption!

This photo of Stephen Conroy and Julia Gillard at yesterday’s launch of the Australian Broadband Applications Laboratory (APAL) is absolutely crying out for a caption. Jump to it in the comments!

The Very Very Last of the Big Bangers

It is often recorded that the 1984 James Hardie 1000 was the final race for the old Group C racing cars in Australia, before we switched to International Group A regulations for 1985. It was promoted as “The Last of the Big Bangers”. What most people either forget – (or are completely unaware of) – […]

Icehouse in Geelong

Yesterday, the Nine Network’s Today Show came to Geelong, as a special event for the AFL finals. They brought classic Australian band Icehouse with them. The group played three songs on air. Electric Blue: Hey Little Girl: Great Southern Land: They even played We Can Get Together after the cameras were turned off after the […]

A Simple NBN Maths Lesson

Amid all the bickering, postering, bleating and prognosticating over Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), there has been one thing missing from a lot of the arguing. A simple and clearly defined explanation of where it will make its money back. Many claim it could never justify its cost, including the federal opposition who said the […]

And If Your Name Is Not Bianca or Sophie…

…people cannot share a Coke with you. Not exactly sure what the idea of this advertising campaign is all about – (there’s no obvious mention of it on their website) – but it does seem rather…specific. Hmmm.

How Close Is 0.0015 Seconds?

There was a really close finish for fourth and fifth places at today’s L&H500 at Phillip Island, won by Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife. Just how close was the 0.0015 seconds between Garth Tander and Shane Van Gisbergen? This close! Tander on the right just got home. Roll on Bathurst!

Solar Rocks

Just a quick post for anyone considering getting a solar electricity system for their home. This should bring a smile to your face: A meter running backwards always brings a smile to mine! This was ours this morning, generating almost 1.5kW.

WordPress Frames Hack

For security reasons, by default, in the later versions of WordPress – (not sure which version this started with) – you cannot load a WordPress site within a frameset of another page. This prevents people with malicious intent, from hi-jacking your site inside a frame within their own site, and possibly stealing information from within […]

Bad Maths? Bad Information?

Spotted this on the information screens at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station one day last week. So, it is 10:47am and the Williamstown train is due in six minutes – which would be at 10:53am, right? Yet it is supposed to arrive at 10:54am – an “early” Metro train? Hardly likely. So is this bad maths, […]