Monthly Archives: September 2011

Football Really Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Football really can be a pain in the ass, apparently: I suspect they meant “annus” and not “anus”, don’t you think? It has been corrected in the article, but many lulz were had, especially when the photo looks like he might have been having some pain in that area! Special thanks to @trmash for the […]

We Still Love You Brocky

Today is the fifth anniversary of the tragic death of Peter Brock in the 2006 Targa West Rally. So many things could be said about Peter Brock, but words would not do justice to his feats in a racing car. So lets just watch him on the way to his ninth – (and ultimately final) […]

Android 4G Tablets Imminent?

Catching up on my weekly diet of podcasts this morning, I listened to the most recent edition of This Week In Google – admittedly an episode that is almost a week old now. One of the guests was Chris DiBona, the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google. Towards the end of the […]

Is This The Smallest Serial Number Ever?

Is this perhaps the smallest serial number in the world? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s bloody small!

Anyone For Coffe?

Spotted this footpath advertisement at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station yesterday. Fail. Just, fail.