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Faceless Campaign Advertising

I don’t identify myself as either a Liberal supporter, or a Labor supporter. Despite the fact that I have predominantly voted on the Liberal side of the ledger in my adult life, these days I find myself very much in the ‘centre’ in terms of my political ideology. Last night I posted about Liberal campaign […]

Bathurst: Our Mountain

I love the Bathurst weekend – it’s my favourite weekend of any year. Many people around me don’t ‘get it’. These people do:

Why Hide Behind An Anonymous Envelope?

Three weeks deep into the election campaign, and the first sign of life from the local LNP candidate. Clearly with the extremely marginal status of the neighbouring seat of Corangamite, all the campaign funding for the Geelong area is concentrated over there. The LNP seemingly have little or no interest in the Corio electorate. Safe […]

Rupert And The Election – Best Media Watch Ever

Is Rupert Murdoch trying to twist the outcome of the federal election? Most likely, your answer to that question will depend on your political persuasion. However, before you decide, take a look at the latest episode of Media Watch: You really have to wonder, don’t you?

Heart And Soul Bombers Beat Carlton

CARLTON 3.9 5.10 9.18 9.22 (76) ESSENDON 4.2 6.7 8.7 12.10 (82) GOALS Carlton: Menzel 2, Yarran 2, Tuohy, Henderson, Gibbs, Betts, Armfield Essendon: Hurley 3, Watson 2, Crameri 2, Zaharakis, Ryder, Myers, Kommer, Goddard BEST Carlton: Simpson, Yarran, Scotland, Bell, Curnow, Robinson Essendon: Watson, Hurley, Hocking, Goddard, Pears, Myers INJURIES Carlton: Matthew Kreuzer (calf), […]

Ending Political Tobacco Donations May Not Be So Easy

As the federal election campaign moves along, news comes today that Kevin Rudd intends to reform party political donations, and ban such from tobacco companies should he win the September 7th poll. Rudd Pledges To Stub Out Big Tobacco’s Political Push “Tobacco companies will be frozen out if Labor is re-elected, with Kevin Rudd pledging […]

Bombers Shot Down In Flames Again

ESSENDON 1.3 4.8 6.12 9.16 (70) NORTH MELBOURNE 2.3 7.6 13.10 17.13 (115) GOALS Essendon: Melksham 3, Bellchambers 2, Davey 2, Hardingham, Kommer North Melbourne: Wells 4, Petrie 3, Tarrant 3, Bastinac, Cunnington, Gibson, Grima, Macmillan, Thomas, Wright BEST Essendon: Melksham, Watson, Hibberd, Hardingham, Goddard North Melbourne: Petrie, Greenwood, Wells, Wright, Hansen, Cunnington INJURIES Essendon: […]

When Is The Age Not The Age?

When is The Age, not actually The Age? Apparently, when you hit the paywall limit of 30 free articles a month. Observe: Start on “The Age”. Click an article. Hit the paywall warning. Close the paywall warning. End up on the Sydney Morning Herald page. Hmmm.

Deceptive New Scientist Unsubscribe Link?

I’m a nerd, and I love most ‘sciencey’ things. As such, some time ago I subscribed to receive regular email updates from New Scientist magazine. While their articles were always interesting, before long I found I just didn’t have enough time to read them, so I unsubscribed. Or so I thought. I continued to regularly […]

Coalition Avoiding NBN Policy Costing Review

In another piece of double standard rhetoric from the Coalition, Malcolm Turnbull has refused to submit his policies for his alternative National Broadband Network (NBN) to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) for costing, prior to the September 7th election. In a tweet last night, in direct response to being asked about whether or not he […]