Faceless Campaign Advertising

I don’t identify myself as either a Liberal supporter, or a Labor supporter. Despite the fact that I have predominantly voted on the Liberal side of the ledger in my adult life, these days I find myself very much in the ‘centre’ in terms of my political ideology.

Last night I posted about Liberal campaign material hiding its origins – a practice I find dishonest, and I’m sure all sides of politics do it.

Here’s another I just found in an online election advert:

A bunch of claims – (which may or may not be true) – but no clear marking of which side of politics is making the claim.

At least “Damian Mantach” has put his name on it – (as would be legally required of him) – as the authoriser of the message.

Who is he?

He is the state director of the Liberal Party in Victoria.

All the ‘positive’ LNP advertising seems to have the LNP logos plastered all over it. The ‘negative’ stuff has its origins blurred.

If your policies and positions are the ‘shiznit’ – why hide?

As I said earlier, I’m sure both sides do it – so how about some campaign reform to get rid of this dishonest practice?