Monthly Archives: December 2007

Don’t Fool With James Hird

Here’s a fun video of James Hird undergoing a fitness test at Windy Hill during his final season. Since the demolition of the southern part of the ground, it’s pretty easy to get to the oval from the road outside. And as these gentlemen with the video camera soon discover, a “closed training session”, really […]

Knight Rider Exposed?

Possibly my favourite TV show of all time was Knight Rider. Aside from the fact that it starred David Hasselhoff – please don’t hold that against it – it was a pretty cool show for it’s time. One of the regular stunts was having KITT drive on and off FLAG’s roving workshop, in the back […]

Spam Decreasing?

This article suggests that spam on the internet might actually be decreasing. Running my own mail server, I get the chance to look at statistics as to how much mail I get, and how much appears to be spam. Spammers Giving Up? Google Thinks So Month to month, the amount of email passing through my […]

What If Facebook Never Dies?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is the “must have” Web2.0 application to have and be seen on at the moment, but has anyone considered what it might be like in 40 years from now, and we’re all still addicted to it? PensionBook Well, someone has put some thought into the Facebook of the future, and […]

Todd Kelly Confirmed At JDR

In a release from Jack Daniel’s, one of the worst kept secrets in V8 Supercars has now been confirmed. “It is with excitement and delight that we are announcing a significant development for the 2008 Jack Daniel’s Racing Team. We are very pleased to release to press today that leading Holden driver Todd Kelly has […]