Monthly Archives: August 2009

Pot Calling Kettle Black

So Hawthorn’s Campbell Brown thinks Matthew Lloyd is a “sniper” hey? As ridiculous and contradictory as he made himself sound in comparing Saturday’s incident with that of teammate Lance Franklin the week before – an almost identical incident – and refusing to concede that they were similar, perhaps Campbell should look in his own backyard. […]

The Man In The Terry Toweling Hat

Australian motor sports legend, Frank Gardner, died yesterday on the Gold Coast, aged 78. Frank was as famous for his terry-toweling hat, as he was for his celebrated open-wheel and touring car racing career in Europe, including eight Formula One races. He is particularly remembered in Australia for managing the factory-supported JPS Team BMW’s in […]

Michael Jackson Alive?

Michael Jackson married Lisa-Marie Presley. Lisa-Marie Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley. Many ratbags think that Elvis Presley is still alive. Now this video claims to be “proof” that Michael Jackson is also still alive. Seriously, I guess that this sort of rubbish had to start eventually. Maybe we’ll start seeing Whacko Jacko at […]

A Few Minor Changes

I have just made a few minor changes to the site – I noticed late last week that somewhere along the line, some kind of change – (either to a new version of the CMS along the way, or something I have altered) – inadvertently broke the CSS layout in some browsers, notably Internet Explorer […]

Trust The Advertiser!

One of the biggest problems about being a “non-Geelong” supporter in the AFL, and actually living in Geelong, is putting up with perpetual HEAVY bias of the local media towards the local team. Perhaps fair enough, but often the main local newspaper, the Geelong Advertiser takes the “bias” far to far. Disappointment as Jetstar Axes […]

Don’t Crash My Train!

Noticed this one on the way home from work today on one of V/Line’s V’Locity 160 trains. They need a key for someone to open the compartment to get to the emergency door release? Hmmm. Really hope I’m not relying on someone in the emergency services having a V/Line key to open this in the […]

NBN: People Just Don’t Get It

Whether this is a reflection of the government’s inability to sell it properly or not, people clearly are STILL not getting the point of the proposed expenditure on Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN). Broadband Won’t Come Cheap The money being spent is not being spent for it to be recouped. Okay? Do we build a […]

Spider Cow!

Got a laugh out of this pose from a five-legged cow, born at Curlewis, Victoria, Australia. Kind of looks like “spider cow”, no? Curlewis Calf Has a Little Something Extra