Trust The Advertiser!

One of the biggest problems about being a “non-Geelong” supporter in the AFL, and actually living in Geelong, is putting up with perpetual HEAVY bias of the local media towards the local team. Perhaps fair enough, but often the main local newspaper, the Geelong Advertiser takes the “bias” far to far.

Ultimately, this is a story about Qantas seeking to cut A$1.5B from their operational costs, which has seen them cut some Jetstar (their discount arm) services operating out of Avalon Airport near Geelong. To be fair, the loss of these services will have an impact in the Geelong area.

Yet somehow, they’ve still managed to get a Geelong Football Club angle into the story. I mean, what?

FELICITY Percival says her enduring romance with Geelong Cats skipper Tom Harley might not have sprouted wings without the saving graces of Jetstar and Avalon Airport.

The Sydney-based editor of Women’s Health magazine was among regular passengers lamenting yesterday’s news of Qantas cuts to daily services from her harbour home to Harley’s doorstep.

Seriously, there is “parochialness”, and then there is “too much”. To the Geelong Advertiser, guys, it’s cheap and nasty!