Monthly Archives: February 2011

A Funny Couple of Days of Television

It’s been a very funny couple of days on Australian television. First we had this “apology” from Channel Nine over their “exclusive” news watermark: Then came this bombshell from Channel Ten newsreader Belinda Heggen towards sports anchor Mark Aiston: But to top it all off, comes this “Four Stooges” routine from Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, […]

Google: Australia “Leading the World” on Fibre

While he might have gotten the exact rollout dates wrong, Google – in the shape of CEO Eric Schmidt – (the same man Stephen Conroy thinks is the “founder” of Google”) – has delivered glowing praise towards the NBN at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Loves The NBN “Let me […]

What If Telstra Just Disappeared?

There has been a valid and interesting debate with respect to the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Why is it we need to replace what is almost a complete monopoly wholesale network provider – (Telstra) – with another complete monopoly in NBN Co? How does replacing one monopoly with another promote competition as […]

More Australian Government Media Content Control

Hot on the heels of the divisive mandatory internet filtering debate in this country, comes yet more government control being exerted over the content of media – with the news that the government will require the next operator of the Australia Network to provide advance notice of programming guides to the Department of Foreign Affairs […]

NBN: Interesting Tidbits from Quigley

Following up on my previous post in regards to the shape of end-user NBN services, I thought I would discuss a few interesting comments made by NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley at the morning Q&A session at the NBN Customer Collaboration Forum last week in Melbourne. While I will be presenting his comments as “quotes” […]

ACL: Once Again Showing Their Hypocrisy

Well, it seems like the good guys and gals over at the Australian Christian Lobby are up to their good old fashioned tricks of censoring the debates they start themselves. Explain Attempt to Censor On Line Opinion Website At 3:52pm this afternoon, I posted a comment against this hypocritical article – (hypocritical since the ACL […]

Conroy Contradicts Himself – Again

About this time last year, Stephen Conroy made a potentially embarrassing gaffe on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast with Fran Kelly program, in which he said “you can’t regulate the internet” – before quickly stepping back and qualifying the statement as relating only to IPTV. While his comment was not strictly in the context of his […]

NBN: End User Services Taking Shape

In the first of a series of posts after attending the National Broadband Network (NBN) Collaboration Forum yesterday in Melbourne, I will discuss what has now become completely clear in terms of what services will become available to users once they are connected to the network, progressively over the next nine years. As I discussed […]

NBN: Hands On The Hardware

Attending today’s National Broadband Network (NBN) Collaboration Forum in Melbourne, I managed to get a few moments with the hardware that end users will receive when their premises are connected to the network progressively over the next nine years. Firstly, we have the externally mounted network termination unit (NTU). The first shot is an external […]