Monthly Archives: November 2010

You Can’t Be Serious!

Got a laugh about this advertising placement with a report into the passing of Leslie Nielsen: A tribute to the Flying High movies? Perhaps not – but ironic. A sad day – we have lost a genius comic performer.

Australian Internet Censorship Plans Get Even Crazier

In what seems to be an under-reported twist to the plans for Australia to implement ISP-level “filtering”, comes a plan to ban all forms of tobacco advertising online Internet Cigar Fanciers Create a Stink “The ever-present cigars mean Mr Reilly could now be in the sights of the federal government, which is expected today to […]

New Geelong Hospital Announced – Again

With less than two weeks until the Victorian state election, the incumbent Labor government is getting out and announcing just about anything and everything they can. Over the weekend, $165m was “announced” for the new southern Geelong hospital. Labor Pledges $165m for Hospitals “The Government, if re-elected, will plough $85 million into the new stand-alone […]

Headline of the Day: Taking the Piss

Almost spat my cup of tea all over my laptop screen when I looked at this tag headline as it appeared on the Herald Sun website this afternoon. Snapped penis? Surely the headline writers are taking the piss on a Friday afternoon! Of course, the “snapping of the penis” referred to in the article involved […]

The Mayor of Essendon Returns

In a fairly corny piece put together by Seven Nightly News in 1993, Mark Thompson was named “the new Mayor of Essendon” for a day, after captaining the Essendon Football Club to the 1993 AFL premiership. With the return of Thompson to Windy Hill in December as the senior assistant to new head coach James […]

QF32: Terrible Media Response

Having an interest in aviation, like many people yesterday I took great interest in the developing story in regards to the incident involving an engine of a Qantas Airbus A380 aircraft shortly after takeoff from Singapore as flight QF32 to Sydney yesterday. Brilliantly, nobody was hurt, and the plane safely returned to Singapore. Of course, […]

NBN: Not Mobile Wireless Broadband

A lot of debate over the NBN has centred on whether it should be a completely wireless solution. Certainly, there are functional benefits to wireless solutions, and many believe the NBN would be much cheaper and easier if it were a wireless solution. However, as I have discussed previously, wireless isn’t as quick, easy, and […]

Three-Times Disabled

Got a laugh out of the following car parked below my office window earlier this morning. The driver must be three-times disabled, as he or she needed to display three disabled parking tags. Poor thing!