Australian Internet Censorship Plans Get Even Crazier

In what seems to be an under-reported twist to the plans for Australia to implement ISP-level “filtering”, comes a plan to ban all forms of tobacco advertising online

“The ever-present cigars mean Mr Reilly could now be in the sights of the federal government, which is expected today to put forward legislation banning all forms of tobacco advertising online.

“This legislation will bring restrictions on tobacco advertising on the internet into line with restrictions in other media,” the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, said.”

As pointed out in this article attacking this latest concept, the whole idea of the filter and the government controlling what is and is not online is just getting stupider and crazier.

Haven’t we been told for months and months and months by Senator Conroy that the filter would be “just about child pornography and other similar material”, and that there would be no scope creep?

Here’s your scope creep folks.