Monthly Archives: May 2009

Do You Google It Or Bing It?

So, Microsoft are launching another attempt to overtake Google in the search market. Microsoft Unveils Bing Search Engine Could be good – Google is in danger of become so intrinsic to our life on the internet, that if something ever happened – (major data centre disruption, the amount of personal data they potentially hold, etc) […]

Backdown? Net Filtering Not Compulsory?

Now it seems that the “mandatory” net filtering that nobody wants, might not actually be compulsory. Non-compulsory mandatory filtering? Net Filtering May Not Be Mandatory Can someone please hand Stephen Conroy a thesaurus? We love your proposed NBN, but we hate your proposed filtering. Can you please start listening to people and just take it […]

Leo Goes Flat

I get my tech news from a lot of different places – including Many of Leo’s fans will know that he does the shows sitting on an exercise ball. Ever wondered if he’s ever popped the ball? The answer: Yes! (NOTE: Leo posted this video himself, and trimmed some of the audio out, but […]

NBN: A Question of Infrastructure

There’s been a great deal of debate in recent weeks about the proposed $43B(AUD) National Broadband Network, particularly in regards to “naysayers” who wonder how “we’ll ever recoup that amount of money”. This $43B spend is, quite simply, not about recouping the investment. This is INFRASTRUCTURE. Do we build $500M public freeways and expect that […]

Kev’s Bad Hair Day

In an entry for the “oh good god, get over it” file, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apparently threw what is being described as a “tantrum” while on a recent visit to Afghanistan. Coming soon after his hissy fit about the food on the prime-ministerial jet, this one is even funnier. PM ‘Threw a Tantrum’ With […]