Do You Google It Or Bing It?

So, Microsoft are launching another attempt to overtake Google in the search market.

Could be good – Google is in danger of become so intrinsic to our life on the internet, that if something ever happened – (major data centre disruption, the amount of personal data they potentially hold, etc) – could we actually cope without Google?

Enter “Bing” – what Microsoft is calling their “decision engine”, rather than a search engine. The glossy video looks nice, and if it can do what the video suggests, it certainly has potential.

At this stage though, I’m not convinced. Some lucky people have already been given the chance to use it – the rest of us need to wait until next week – and the reviews will start to appear in coming days. But a glossy promotional video is one thing only – lets see it in action first.

But “Bing”? I just think saying “I googled this” sounds better than “I binged this”!