Monthly Archives: November 2009

Melbourne Under Attack from Japan!

Well…perhaps not REALLY. But this rain radar image from today shows a heavy band of rain, shaped very much like the country of Japan! Similar?

Error Error?

I noticed the following Microsoft patch applied itself to my laptop this morning. Interestingly, without the patch “Control Panel will incorrectly display an error message”. Incorrectly display? As in, in error? So that makes it an erroneous error. It reminds of the message I saw on a Sun Xterm many moons ago – “Error – […]

Taxi Makes Improvements to Train Station

According to the sign on the barrier, this Melbourne taxi made some significant improvements to Southern Cross Station! I’m sure the driver, passenger, and people on the footpath weren’t so sure about the term “improvement”, but I got a laugh out of the placement of the signs. Two Injured in CBD Taxi Crash