The Whole Essendon Story Needs Another Investigation

As a devout and life long Essendon supporter, news that the club will almost certainly be charged with various offences following the long-running ASADA drugs investigation hurts – and hurts pretty bad.

However, I am a realist, and I firmly believe that the investigation, the outcome of that investigation, and the handout of any penalties stemming from the investigation need to follow due process and continue with the presumption of innocence, until otherwise proven.

Whatever penalties are deemed necessary, should and will be applied.

All through the investigation, the club has maintained an appropriate level of media caution. It has consistently maintained the line that it will not discuss the details of the investigation, while it is underway.

Yet – (particularly in recent weeks) – we keep hearing about very specific details of the investigation in various media outlets – particularly through Caroline Wilson from Fairfax Media.

How? Why?

If the integrity of the investigation is to remain, who is leaking details to the media?

Someone with the inside running on the investigation is leaking details, allowing Essendon to be tried in the media.

May the outcome of the investigation be what it is.

I bet, however, nobody investigates the leaks – and that’s what should happen next.