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The Greatest Spelling On Earth (Maybe Not)

Foxtel’s AFL channel, FOX Footy, currently uses the slogan “The Greatest Channel On Earth”, but clearly this doesn’t extend to spelling. Oops. See you on Firday nihgt.

The Whole Essendon Story Needs Another Investigation

As a devout and life long Essendon supporter, news that the club will almost certainly be charged with various offences following the long-running ASADA drugs investigation hurts – and hurts pretty bad. However, I am a realist, and I firmly believe that the investigation, the outcome of that investigation, and the handout of any penalties […]

Remembering Nobby

Neil ‘Nobby’ Clarke was never a superstar of Australian Rules football, that’s not what he wanted to be. He just wanted to play football with his mates, and with those mates, he went to the pinnacle of the game. Twice – in 1984 and 1985. However, on the inside, he struggled with depression, eventually taking […]

Pizza Flavour Fail

On behalf of the AFL, the makers of Domino’s pizza in Australia appear to have come up with an all new pizza variety. For dinner at last nights Essendon vs Western Bulldogs game, I grabbed a “Meatosaurus” pizza. The only other option was “Hawaiian”. Or was it? Could that be “Hawaiin”? Might be.

Wood and Johnson: Separated At Birth?

Racing driver Dale Wood and Geelong AFL player Steve Johnson could well have been separated at birth. Click for a larger view: You be the judge!

Football Really Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Football really can be a pain in the ass, apparently: I suspect they meant “annus” and not “anus”, don’t you think? It has been corrected in the article, but many lulz were had, especially when the photo looks like he might have been having some pain in that area! Special thanks to @trmash for the […]

Bomber Chapters Of My Life

Having pulled off a series of inspirational wins in 2011, Essendon supporters have definitely gotten value for their money this year – and none was better than the gutsy defeat of the previously unbeaten Geelong several weeks ago, as shown below: Sitting in my usual seat, it came after a couple of difficult weeks in […]

Live From A Little Earlier, Again!

Checking the Yahoo!7 TV Guide over the weekend, I came across a strange classification for an AFL match shown on Channel Ten: Could someone explain to me what a “Live Repeat” is? I’m not sure. Ironically, this game broadcast was neither “live” – after all, free-to-air channels refuse to show them live – and nor […]

Collingwood Focused Pole Dancing

Whilst browsing through my regular news sources this morning, I stumbled on the following article in my hometown Ballarat Courier: Up the Poles for Charity Couldn’t help but notice the dancer at the bottom of the middle pole, wearing a Collingwood guernsey: Seems to be focussing on a really niche market, I would have thought? […]

More AFL Mathematics Fail

Hot on the heels of this piece of fail from the AFL website, comes the latest: Melbourne – 12-10-73? Surely they mean 12-10-82? Brisbane – 11-4-57? I’m sure that’s actually 11-4-70? Geelong – 7-12-47? Got a feeling that’s 7-12-54! Port Adelaide – 2-6-17? Might be 2-6-18 perhaps? Also, the scores aren’t “live”, they are quite […]