Why Hide Behind An Anonymous Envelope?

Three weeks deep into the election campaign, and the first sign of life from the local LNP candidate.

Clearly with the extremely marginal status of the neighbouring seat of Corangamite, all the campaign funding for the Geelong area is concentrated over there. The LNP seemingly have little or no interest in the Corio electorate.

Safe ALP and all.

I haven’t even seen a single poster or pamphlet for the LNP candidate, and as a result until tonight, I didn’t even know the name of their candidate.

But today when he did finally rear his head, the envelope is completely anonymous – no name, no party name – nothing.

Why hide? In contrast the sitting ALP member – on the same day – delivers his material. Proudly named and exposed on the envelope.

Are the LNP too scared that people won’t open their material, that they have to hide the identity of it?

If someone wants to win my vote, I expect a little more effort than an unaddressed, identity-obscured envelope.