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7:30 Report: Filter Criticism Growing

Opposition to Australia’s mandatory internet filtering is growing. I wonder what it is going to take to get Rudd and Conroy to finally listen? For a full transcript, click here.

Funny Tweet Spam

Was just trawling through my list of Twitter followers, and stumbled on this one – (clearly a spam account) – and a “visit to the doctor”: Can’t have gone too well at the doctor, I figure!

Cause and Effect: The Scope of Mandatory Filtering

I stumbled across a very apt blog post this morning in regards to what is becoming “our” internet filtering debacle, from Zoe Beaumont’s Naked Girl Blogs. The Dirty Deed Of Australia’s “Clean Feed” Mandatory Internet Filter It is important to understand the “persecute the many to prosecute the few” concept that she raises, and which […]

That Old Brocky Magic

In what would turn out – (eventually) – to be Peter Brock’s ninth and last Bathurst win, here is some simply amazing footage of the man himself, displaying the absolutely superlative car control we always knew he had. After coming home third on the day, the “winning” and “second place” Eggenberger Texaco Ford Sierra’s were […]


Three words – “Essendon defeated Carlton”. Kyle Reimers even had a chance to point out the condition of the scoreboard to Dennis Armfield, who felt it was a good idea to give Reimers a mouthful, even after kicking the match sealing goal!

Not Just Wrong About Filtering – Conroy Lies About It

The issue of the potential for a mandatory internet filter in Australia has shown itself to be highly emotive in recent times. Indeed, many people have taken many different stances on the whole debate, and it is probably fair to say nobody, not the least Stephen Conroy himself, have all the answers. Many have taken […]

Position Vacant: Communications Minister

“POSITION VACANT: FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER” The Australian Federal Government would like to open applications from the community for the position of “Federal Communications Minister”. Applications are requested to consist of a well-considered letter, demonstrating a deep understanding of the communications and internet industries, policy therein, and modern technologies as applicable to communications policy on a […]

Laporte and Jarvis: Conroy Wacky and Nuts!

Speaking on the most recent episode of This Week in Google, respected technology journalist Leo Laporte and noted media commentator Jeff Jarvis let rip on Stephen Conroy and his proposed filtering mechanism for Australia. In the space of 60 seconds, Jarvis and Laporte summed everything up correctly and succinctly. “Really kind of wacky”; “Very frightening, […]

Fast Food Just Got Lazier

Looking for a toilet stop after finishing up at a seminar last Tuesday morning, I found the McDonalds in Bourke Street Melbourne to be the most convenient convenience. Walking in, I discovered this store was fitted out with self-serve terminals, where you walk up to the touch screens, punch in your order yourself, pay with […]