NBN Business Plan to Be Revealed

After months of arguments and counter arguments, the business plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) is to finally be released today by the minister concerned, Stephen Conroy, almost two months after it was first received by the government.

What we see at midday will undoubtedly be a testament to how many black textas are owned by the department, with many details surely to be blanked out. My biggest interest however is to see if the question of how many Points of Interconnect (POIs) to be built has been answered.

NBN Co wanted just 14, other established telecommunications companies wanted around 200. It is believed that the ACCC review favoured a higher number against a lower number.

Personally, for the record, I believe the “correct” number should be – (or be close to) 66 – to closely match the 66 Call Collection Areas (CCAs) currently comprising the copper network the NBN will replace. This should be roughly analogous to the core infrastructure currently supporting those 66 areas.

We wait for midday!