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Turnbull Still Failing Miserably On NBN

A year ago, I wrote an article criticising the lack of progress on the revised NBN plan, introduced by Malcolm Turnbull after the change in government in 2013. I labelled it a “dismal” performance – and that’s exactly what it was. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam questioned progress at a Senate hearing on July 11, 2014, […]

Turnbull Dismally Fails First NBN Test

It has been a pretty common refrain from Malcolm Turnbull that the management of the National Broadband Network project by the previous government was “pathetic” – both before and after the previous election in September 2013. Count how many times he uses that exact word in this transcript. Morever, how about this quote? “This is […]

NBN Flux: Why Even?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been a torrid political beast for around five years, ever since it was first mooted by the then communications minister, Stephen Conroy, and the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. One of the first arguments by opponents of the scheme was along the lines of: “We already have access to […]

NBN Flux: Inflexion Point

I have worked in the IT industry in Australia – (in one form or another) – for almost 20 years. My history of tinkering and mucking around with computers goes back more than 30 years. So it is fair to say that I have seen quite a bit of weird, wonderful and outright “batshit annoying” […]

Abbott Repeats Turnbull Tasmanian NBN Lie

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has repeated an unsubstantiated claim made by Malcolm Turnbull in October, in regards to the construction of the NBN in Tasmania. Abbott Dodges Repeated Tassie FTTP Questions “In general, Abbott did not directly address the issues being raised. For example, on the issue of how politically damaging the FTTP issue could […]

2013: Posts Of The Year

In this the 2013 edition of my ‘posts of the year’, as was the case in the 2012, my website has been dominated by NBN discussion. Yes I do write about the NBN quite a bit, but that these articles are so popular on my site shows just how important the NBN has become in […]

Unsubstantiated Claims Of Stopped Tasmanian NBN Rollout

Amidst the ramping up of the new Australian government, and with reviews of just about everything under the sun underway, we see yet more incorrect statements from incoming federal Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull in regards to the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Turnbull claimed on ABC Radio in Hobart that the rollout of […]

Funny Smell Over NBN Co Board Resignations

Something smells a bit funny to me with this story of the entire board of NBN Co resigning. While there is no doubt that they have resigned, the mechanics of the situation don’t completely add up. All But One NBN Co Board Member Hand In Resignations “Chairwoman Siobhan McKenna tendered her resignation along with other […]

Media Still Misrepresenting NBN Debate

One of the most frustrating parts of being a supporter of the current National Broadband Network (NBN) model is the constant misrepresentation of many of the aspects of the designs, financials, and rollout of the network. While it is certainly true that the rollout hasn’t gone as smoothly as hoped, the project is broadly on […]

What Does Gigabit Broadband Look Like?

So what does this gigabit broadband everyone is talking about with the National Broadband Network (NBN) actually look like? This demonstration comes from rural England’s B4RN co-operative, where the speeds available are directly comparable to the speeds the Coalition’s alternative NBN plan would deny 71% of Australian’s from receiving – and a network that members […]