Internet Censorship: Let The Book Burning Begin

Well, it looks like the Krudd Government is set to try and introduce their ridiculous, anti-democratic net “filtering” plan. Despite public outrage. Despite reports that it doesn’t work, and cannot work. Despite reports that it will be completely ineffective in stopping people from getting to the “banned” sites anyway. Despite reports that it will slow down “legitimate” internet access.

The proponents of this legislative change will say something like – “well, they went to the election with this policy, and you still voted for it!” – but they forget that the 2007 election was fought primarily on the issue of workplace relations, that the result of the election hinged on that debate, and not on the debate over this “mandatory” solution to appease the Australian Christian Lobby.

The resources that will go towards setting this up would be far better placed into the battle to have this rubbish taken down, rather than ruin the internet experience for the 99.9999999% of people who are not interested in the banned material anyway!

This is not democracy Rudd and Conroy. You actively placed criticism at the feet of the Chinese Government for their censorship activities before the Beijing Olympics, when all the while, you were devising your devious scheme to apply the same technology to the internet in Australia.