The Filtering Bluff Revisited

A few days ago, I postulated that Stephen Conroy has to be bluffing with his pledge to “make changes at the classification board level” to get around what seems like an impassable road block in the Senate, thanks to the Coalition, Greens, and Nick Xenophon pledging to block any filter legislation.

As I suggested in the first article, such action would be a massive blight on the democratic process in this country, but just now, another thought came to mind.

If Senator Conroy believes that it is POSSIBLE to circumvent any possible outcome of a Senate vote on the legislation, and that his filtering proposal is such a good idea – in the light of all the opposition to the plan, why has he not circumvented the parliamentary process, and sought these changes at the “classification board level” already?

Hmmm. I’m now more convinced than ever that he’s bluffing, in line with my previous article. He should just keep on censoring his own contact details, and realise that he won’t succeed.