Bad Customer Image from Metro

As part of my program to get my newly diagnosed diabetes under control, I regularly walk from where I currently work under sub-contract in St Kilda Road to Flinders Street Station, to catch a suburban train around to Southern Cross, before boarding my V/Line train home for the evening.

Last night – (27 May 2010) – I boarded a 5:03pm Glen Waverley line train for the ‘trip around the corner’. While waiting for the train to leave platform two, I overheard two Metro customer service representatives discussing the “quality” of passengers from certain parts of the city.

In particular they singled out “Broadmeadows, Dandenong, and Frankston” as having the “worst kind” of people. Say what?

It is true that these areas are of lower socio-economic status than some other areas of the city, but surely these two representatives of a train system suffering from a severe lack of public confidence don’t need to go around bagging the people who pay their train fares everyday, so that they themselves ultimately get their salaries?

It’s okay to have a personal opinion, but don’t spout discriminatory rubbish like that out in public!