Conroy Brushes Off My Question!

Well, well, well. It seems that our “esteemed” Communications Minister – or his department at least – got a hold of my post (or at least the YouTube video) from Friday. My message clearly got to the top, as intended.

I think it’s hilarious that the Department of Broadband, Communcations and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) spokesperson makes the point that it is “important that the comment was heard in the context of the full interview”. How about you monkeys respond in the full context of my posting? I specifically said:

Okay – this comment was specifically in the context of IPTV, but if you can’t regulate the internet in terms of IPTV, how can you regulate it in terms of anything else? How is IPTV content any different to any other internet content?

Minister/Department, you’ve taken my post out of context! I specifically made light of the IPTV context of the comment, yet – as per usual – you bent the question I asked towards your own agenda. I even directed people towards a full download of the interview to make their own judgement!

Why does the Minister and the DBCDE consistently refuse to answer the questions raised by constituents? Why do they continually deflect even the remotest criticism of their plan and twist it in their own evil ways? Do they even remotely understand that the stupid filter they are so in love with, won’t actually work? That it simply won’t prevent access to the material they claim it will block?

If they are so confident that they can block specific URLs, why can’t they block the IPTV URLs, thereby enforcing “content rules”? Filtering the internet in ANY WAY is “enforcing content rules”! You know why? Because some of these IPTV streams are owned/will be owned by the big media moguls – (either people who have already achieved that status, or will BECAUSE of IPTV). Why piss off the big media barons who might make campaign contributions?

Yeah, because they might make campaign contributions.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea not to piss off the people who can vote you out of office, Mr Conroy?