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Seriously eBay – Not Cool!

I discovered this email from eBay in my inbox this morning, and immediately thought “holy shit!” Click the image for a larger view: The email is about selling up unwanted gifts on eBay, which some people may be inclined to do at this time of year. My nanna passed away 31 years ago, so while […]

Deceptive New Scientist Unsubscribe Link?

I’m a nerd, and I love most ‘sciencey’ things. As such, some time ago I subscribed to receive regular email updates from New Scientist magazine. While their articles were always interesting, before long I found I just didn’t have enough time to read them, so I unsubscribed. Or so I thought. I continued to regularly […]

So Which Logo Did The Age Put With The Ford Story?

It is disappointing for all Australians that Ford Australia today announced they will cease all production in Australia from 2016, with the loss of 1200 direct jobs. Disappointing too that The Age didn’t take a little more care in choosing the photo to go with the article on their front page? Kinda looks like the […]

The Biggest Insult With The New V/Line Timetable

The other day I wrote about how once again travel times on the Geelong V/Line service had been increased with the preparation of a new timetable, which goes into effect later this month. This is not the first time travel times have been increased under the auspices of a new timetable. After writing my previous […]

Why Must Oracle Treat Us Like Idiots?

With yet another round of Java security updates – (this time to address 42 new security issues) – reaching our computers today, I find myself once again getting agro with Oracle with the nonchalant way they treat people when their updates roll. Why on earth should/would a security patch be asking us to install a […]

V/Line Extends Geelong Travel Times Again

Well, once again is seems Geelong rail commuters are having their peak journey times lengthened by V/Line, with the release of new timetables to take effect from April 28th. Looking at just the two so-called “flagship” services from Geelong to Melbourne each weekday morning, each leaves the various stations in the Geelong area two minutes […]

One Meat, Two Prices

In another in the long running series of Coles pricing fails, comes this one: One for $8.00 a kilogram, and in the same compartment, another for $9.00 a kilogram. No prizes for guessing which one came home with me.

Instagram / Facebook Social Media Lesson

There is a lot of huff and puff spreading online in regards to the change of policy with the social media photo-sharing application, Instagram, which allows it to perpetually sell user photos without payment or notification. While – (as I’m not a lawyer) – I’m not going to attempt to decipher at any level of […]

How To Incompetently Not Find A Water Main

At about eight o’clock yesterday morning, my phone line went dead. Obviously, this brought down my ADSL service with it. This isn’t entirely uncommon – given the age of the copper phone lines in my street – (predominantly installed in the 1950’s when the estate was established) – and the slightly down hill nature of […]

Special Opening Hours For Coles

Our local Coles supermarket is open seven days a week, between 7am and 10pm. Yesterday was Geelong Cup Day, and for most people who work in Geelong, a public holiday. As such, many businesses close for the day, or have reduced operating hours. A responsible business would of course advertise their adjusted operating hours, so […]