Why Must Oracle Treat Us Like Idiots?

With yet another round of Java security updates – (this time to address 42 new security issues) – reaching our computers today, I find myself once again getting agro with Oracle with the nonchalant way they treat people when their updates roll.

Why on earth should/would a security patch be asking us to install a piece of bloatware like the Ask toolbar?

Why is an important security update concerned with us getting “Facebook status updates directly in our browsers”?

People have been taught to trust software updates, and Oracle are abusing that trust by trying to trick people into installing useless rubbish like this.

It’s irresponsible, and it’s not good enough.

  • Obviously, as there are 42 bug fixes, they have the answer 🙂

    It must be Ask Toolbar.

    But what really is the question?
    And do we really want the answer from Oracle?

  • The real icing on the arsehole cake is, if you inadvertently forget to unclick the box for the toolbar, it actually waits TEN MINUTES (presumably so you dont notice it installing right there and then) before it jumps on your machine. http://goo.gl/sFKgE

    This is quite deliberate, because http://goo.gl/IEb2x