V/Line: Treating Customers Like Idiots – Still

This afternoon I got the following tweet from V/Line’s curiously named “@vlineinform” account, once again showing how the truth should never get in the way of, well, treating their customers like idiots.

Now – notice that the current time is “16:37”, and that the tweet(s) were received “3 mins ago” – meaning they were posted at “16:34”. These tweets proudly announce that the “16:13” train has been delayed by 15 minutes.

Mind you – (and remember it was 16:34 when these tweets went out) – the 16:13 train had not even left yet. Would not that be (at least) 21 minutes delay?

It actually departed at 16:38, that of course being 25 minutes late. Not 15 minutes late.

Do V/Line actually think we don’t notice these things?

It might take a lot to improve your performance V/Line, but for a start, I’m sure it won’t take a lot to stop treating your customers like idiots.