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Avalon Rail Link: Priorities Out Of Order?

The question of whether or not Victoria’s rail network should be extended into Geelong’s Avalon Airport has been a point of debate for a number of years. With news today that the proposed heavy rail link be submitted for environmental assessment, proponents of the plan are hailing a ‘milestone’ in the project. Avalon Rail Link […]

Move Corio Station Closer To The Highway?

There is no doubt that Corio Station is something of a boil on the bottom of transport infrastructure in Geelong. It is unmanned, located a long way from anything – (except the Shell Refinery, which has been served by the station since the 1950s) – and is a dark and miserable location. Certainly not a […]

Time For Transparency On V/Line Punctuality

With the federal election approaching, the continuing Regional Rail Link (RRL) project in Victoria is likely to be in the news more and more, particularly since such a large slice of the funding comes from federal coffers. From its own website, RRL is: “Dedicated regional tracks will be built from West Werribee Junction to Deer […]

The Biggest Insult With The New V/Line Timetable

The other day I wrote about how once again travel times on the Geelong V/Line service had been increased with the preparation of a new timetable, which goes into effect later this month. This is not the first time travel times have been increased under the auspices of a new timetable. After writing my previous […]

V/Line Extends Geelong Travel Times Again

Well, once again is seems Geelong rail commuters are having their peak journey times lengthened by V/Line, with the release of new timetables to take effect from April 28th. Looking at just the two so-called “flagship” services from Geelong to Melbourne each weekday morning, each leaves the various stations in the Geelong area two minutes […]

Regional Rail Link Continues To Form

As a train buff, I’ve been watching daily the progress on the construction of the Regional Rail Link (RRL) – or at least as much of it as I can see on a Geelong line train – and the works are impressive in many locations. Here’s the latest flyover video produced by the Department of […]

No More Seven Car Geelong V/Locity Trains?

While the recent announcement of the addition of 40 new carriages to the V/Line fleet is welcome after years of overcrowding, particularly on the Geelong and Ballarat lines, I believe that an important point has been missed. State Government To Buy 40 New V/Line Carriages “Mr Mulder said today the Government would spent about $207 […]

Regional Rail Link Beginning To Take Shape

Regular travellers on the Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo regional train lines, and the Werribee and Sydenham/Sunbury metropolitan train lines, will most likely have noticed a lot of new tracks being laid between Southern Cross (SCS) and North Melbourne (NME) stations, as part of the Regional Rail Link (RRL) project. While this work between SCS and […]

Rail Failures: A Question of Protocol

Last night, both V/Line and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) commuters were delayed due to various problems with the rail network in Melbourne. Some V/Line customers were heavily affected by a points failure at Southern Cross Station which prevented some trains from getting out of their platforms to start their journeys. On the Frankston line, an […]

State Government Padding Out Announcement?

Who would have thought a government might pad-out an announcement to provide more bang for the buck with the press release? Not you? Yeah, me neither. New Contract Moves Regional Rail Link Into High Gear Amongst the “features” of the new contract, we have: Major bridge modifications at Dynon Road, Moonee Ponds Creek, Lloyd Street […]