State Government Padding Out Announcement?

Who would have thought a government might pad-out an announcement to provide more bang for the buck with the press release?

Not you? Yeah, me neither.

Amongst the “features” of the new contract, we have:

  • Major bridge modifications at Dynon Road, Moonee Ponds Creek, Lloyd Street and Dudley Street.
  • A new twin track rail bridge over Dudley Street in West Melbourne.

Looking at existing information, the “new twin track rail bridge over Dudley Street” is apparently already apart of an earlier contract, awarded to Activate, a joint venture between John Holland and Coleman Rail.

This will probably – (or not) – come as a shock to the new contract awardees, a consortium consisting of John Holland, Abigroup, Coleman Rail, AECOM & GHD, who will be surprised to see the new bridge over Dudley street almost completed.

Here is the new bridge under construction on January 17th 2012:

The work to modify the bridge at Dynon Road has also been underway for some time.

But people won’t notice this embellishment, will they?

More smoke and mirrors from Mr Mulder? Who’da thought?

Of course the previous State Government used to do this kind of thing too, announcing a new hospital for Geelong, twice.

Message to the politicians – the internet never forgets.