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Getting Melbourne Moving – Properly

The recent cancellation of the controversial EastWest Link by the Victorian state government, combined with the reinstatement of the previous Melbourne Metro rail project – (cancelled by the previous state government) – and today’s announcement that the so-called “Western Distributor” project is moving to the next stage, has created heated debate across the community about […]

Open Up Public Transport Performance Data

Anyone who expects a public transport system to always run on time and without faults or other problems is almost certainly kidding themselves. Like any man-made system, things just go wrong sometimes. The sign of a good public transport system is how well the situation is handled when things do go wrong. Good public transport […]

No No No – This Is Not News!

There is no doubt that the various social media platforms that many of us use and enjoy on a daily basis have created an avenue for people from all walks of life to have their voices heard. For many, those voices are drowned out in a blurry haze of tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts, […]

A Stupid Train Of Thought

The new version of Melbourne’s Metro Rail Tunnel, as announced yesterday as part of the 2014 State Budget is a massive slap in the face for commuters. It is Premier Napthine’s great big nasty pre-election surprise. The original plan – (put forward by the previous Bracks/Brumby government) – was for the tunnel to run from […]

The EastWest Non-Link?

The proposed EastWest Link, a partially underground toll road through the inner north and inner west of Melbourne has been controversial to say the very least. Countless protests against the proposal have ended in scuffles with police, and even attempts by the Victorian government to subvert otherwise legal protest activities. I – (like many other […]

Napthine Turning Technology Upside Down

With 2014 being a Victorian state election year, both the Premier and the Opposition Leader are running around the state, making promises to butter up the voters ahead of the November poll date. Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews was in Ballarat today, touting an upgrade to Eureka Stadium, in an effort to encourage AFL games to […]

Avalon Rail Link: Priorities Out Of Order?

The question of whether or not Victoria’s rail network should be extended into Geelong’s Avalon Airport has been a point of debate for a number of years. With news today that the proposed heavy rail link be submitted for environmental assessment, proponents of the plan are hailing a ‘milestone’ in the project. Avalon Rail Link […]

What The Hell Myki?

While smartcard ticketing for transport networks is a fabulous idea, the debacle that is the implementation of the Myki system in Victoria just goes from bad to worse. Myki Glitches Leaving Users Feeling Ripped-Off “He said the clock on the myki top-up machine was 15 minutes fast, so his pass was not technically active when […]

Preventing Wrong Way Freeway Accidents

In the wake of the recent wrong-way freeway accident at Lara in which five people were killed, authorities have necessarily been reviewing how such incidents might be prevented in the future. Particularly since there have been more incidents since this major accident, on the same stretch of road: Wrong-way Crash Audit “The review came as […]

No More Seven Car Geelong V/Locity Trains?

While the recent announcement of the addition of 40 new carriages to the V/Line fleet is welcome after years of overcrowding, particularly on the Geelong and Ballarat lines, I believe that an important point has been missed. State Government To Buy 40 New V/Line Carriages “Mr Mulder said today the Government would spent about $207 […]