NBN: Me First! Me First!

Ever since the announcement of NBN’s highly anticipated three-year-rollout plan in March, there has been much jumping up and down from political leaders in various areas not listed within the three-year plan.

Here’s another from Latrobe City councillor, Sharon Gibson, after Moe was left out:

“Cr Gibson will lobby her fellow councillors to support a motion at Monday night’s council meeting calling for the Mayor to write to the Federal Minister for Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy and urge him to include the Moe-Newborough district in the initial rollout schedule.”

Exactly why should Moe be bumped up the list? What about all the other locations that want to be bumped up the list?

Remember, when you walk into a busy bank at lunchtime, and there’s 30 people waiting for service, and only 5 tellers operating, you have to wait.

A complicated construction project like the NBN simply can’t all be completed at once, as construction resources are limited. Like when there’s only 5 tellers operating in the bank.

Or a house that might be built in one day, if there were enough contractors available to do all the work in one day – generally of course, there’s not.

Writing to Stephen Conroy isn’t going to help either – NBN Co determines the rollout plan, not the minister.

Neither he, nor NBN Co are going to change things to suit everyone’s wishes, even if they could and/or wanted to. Bumping a location up the order sets the precedent, then everyone will want their area bumped up.

“We really don’t need to be isolated from the rest of the Valley.”

Isolated? Really?

It’s not as if existing broadband in Moe is going to stop working when Morwell is connected to the NBN. You’re not going to be “isolated”. Moe is in the fibre footprint.

You just have to be patient.

Like everyone else.