Coalition Gaffe: Turnbull And Abbott Wrong On Geelong NBN Claim

In an embarrassing gaffe, just two days after the launch of their alternate NBN policy, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and his communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull have been caught out lying about the status of the proposed fibre rollout in the Geelong region.

TWEET: “@TonyAbbottMHR: With press + @TurnbullMalcolm at Marcus Oldham College Geelong. Under Labor they get no NBN. A priority under us.

At first glance, this statement is at the very least curious.

With a 93% fibre footprint, a 4% wireless footprint, and a 3% satellite footprint, 100% of Australia is covered by the NBN – including places like far-flung Christmas Island and Norfolk Island.

With regards to Marcus Oldham College in Geelong, the statement “under Labor they get no NBN” is clearly false – everyone gets the NBN in some form.

I’m sure that they may have meant that Marcus Oldham wasn’t to get fibre connectivity under the current NBN plan, and that they may have not chosen the best words to express themselves.

But that would be plain wrong as well.

“This is just the latest lie told by the Coalition as they attempt to promote their inadequate broadband plan, which doesn’t serve Australia’s needs now or into the future. The facts are that the Marcus Oldham College will get NBN fibre under Labor. NBN Co is building fibre all the way to the premise, including schools, in every exchange area dedicated as Band 1 and Band 2 in Telstra’s classification of exchanges.”

Time to explain yourself chaps – you were wrong.

You either lied / tried to mislead people, or you were too lazy to check your facts.

Either way, it’s very poor form.

Politics needs to be about trust – and you clearly can’t be trusted on this issue.