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Coalition Avoiding NBN Policy Costing Review

In another piece of double standard rhetoric from the Coalition, Malcolm Turnbull has refused to submit his policies for his alternative National Broadband Network (NBN) to the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) for costing, prior to the September 7th election. In a tweet last night, in direct response to being asked about whether or not he […]

Malcolm Turnbull Invents Time Travel

Exactly what was Malcolm Turnbull on about at yesterday’s National Broadband Network (NBN) debate between himself and Alan Kohler? How about this pearler? “Mr Turnbull said he did not object to fibre-to-the-premises technology in itself, but given the rapid rate of technological change thought it was best not to provision for future demands with today’s […]

Hypocritical Turnbull Strikes Again Over Quigley

NBN Co, the company building Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), this morning announced that founding CEO Mike Quigley, would be retiring from that position, after initially coming out of retirement in 2009 to head up the company. NBN Co Chief Executive Announces Retirement “NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley today announced that he will retire from […]

Zumbo NBN Opinion Piece Has Fatal Flaw

Everyone – (and particularly media outlets) – has an opinion on the NBN. In a free democracy, having an opinion and being allowed to express it is a fundamental premise. A opinion piece on the NBN by Frank Zumbo – (an associate professor at the school of business law and taxation at the University of […]

The Telstra Copper Ship Of Theseus

There were some interesting comments yesterday from Telstra CEO David Thodey, about his company’s opinion as to the state of the current copper Customer Access Network (CAN), the lines most of us use for telephone calls and internet access. The condition of the network has been at the forefront of the alternative National Broadband Network […]

This NBN Or That NBN?

Generally speaking, apart from the recent asbestos incidents, things have been relatively quiet on the National Broadband Network (NBN) front of late. There have been some regulatory issues going on, but largely there hasn’t been much noise. With the election approaching, broadband will go in one of two directions in Australia, depending on the result. […]

Turnbull Admits His NBN Could Cost The Same As Existing Plan

Despite continuing high levels of public support for the existing FTTP National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout plan, and his claims that his alternative FTTN approach will be “cheaper”, Malcolm Turnbull admitted yesterday that his plan could end up costing just as much in the long run. Turnbull’s NBN Could ‘Cost The Same’ In The Long-run […]

Coalition Gaffe: Turnbull And Abbott Wrong On Geelong NBN Claim

In an embarrassing gaffe, just two days after the launch of their alternate NBN policy, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and his communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull have been caught out lying about the status of the proposed fibre rollout in the Geelong region. TWEET: “@TonyAbbottMHR: With press + @TurnbullMalcolm at Marcus Oldham College Geelong. Under Labor […]

Credibility And The Alternate NBN

Today has seen the release of the long awaited, often touted Coalition alternative broadband policy to the current National Broadband Network (NBN) scheme. In a press conference that became heated during questions, Malcolm Turnbull announced a $29.4 billion plan to provide FTTP for 22% of Australia, FTTN to 71%, LTE Wireless to 4% and Ka-band […]

Turnbull Suggests Eighteen Billion Dollars Is Not Material

In an interview on the ABC program Inside Business this morning, National Broadband Network (NBN) CEO Mike Quigley reiterated what many observers of the NBN have been saying for years. That the alternative Coalition policy would be far more expensive for Australia in the long run. Said Quigley of the costs of FTTP compared to […]