Sunday Nerding: The UNIX Operating System

A bit of nostaglia today for all the UNIX geeks out there, with a presentation put together by AT&T in 1982 about the UNIX operating system.

While UNIX is still around and in active use in many organisations, most organisations these days make use of Linux-based systems when UNIX-like functionality is required. Linux is a UNIX-like operating system, that comes in many different flavours, and chosen for use based on specific need cases.

But I’m one of the old school – many systems administrators these days know only Linux, and while I almost exclusively use Linux today, I started working on UNIX systems at the University of Ballarat in 1993 – (a System V Release IV machine called “nova”, and a System V Release 3.2 machine called “nugget”).

If I want to be completely accurate, I really first worked on a UNIX machine at Deakin University in 1992 – (on a machine called “eros”) – but I was “only” doing a Pascal programming course, so never really worked with the machine, just on the machine.