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Taking News Limited Seriously?

Bill Shorten has copped a bit today – (rightly or wrongly) – about what has already become known as “PieGate”, where an alleged confrontation occurred in a shop over the availability of a meat pie. I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened. But should a major news outlet – (News Limited) – be declaring […]

Broadcast Television Missing The Message

Television viewers are complaining about poor coverage of the London Olympics. The television networks are complaining that people are using the internet to get better coverage, by circumventing geo-blocking systems to view coverage from other countries. In the US, NBC is copping plenty of flack for poor and delayed coverage – (delayed to move events […]

Spelling Misfires!

One would think that if a newspaper is going to write a headline critical of the performance of Australia’s 4×100 freestyle swimming team, that one should make sure one doesn’t misspell that headline. Enter, the Herald-Sun: Misile? I’m sure they meant “missile”…right? Misfire.

Proof Some Craig Thomson Dirt Being Fabricated

I stumbled onto an interesting picture on Twitter tonight, one which immediately struck me as a fake. Now of course, there are plenty of lousy Photoshop jobs online – such as the amazing levitating Chinese park inspectors – but this one was a little more interesting. With the accompanying quote: “Guess who was at today’s […]

Foxtel: Reading Between The Lines

I got a gentle chuckle with respect to this article detailing the on-going merger activities between Foxtel and Austar United Communications. Foxtel Begins Merger Shakeout “A spokesman for Foxtel said all staffing decisions will be finalised in the next six weeks, but would not comment on whether the move will lead to a reduction in […]

Wet Behind The Ears?

Was just mildly amused by the sequence of events described on the front page of the Ballarat Courier website, in regards to some wild weather interrupting the Australian Masters Rowing Championship on Lake Wendouree. At 8:35am, racing on the second day of the event had been cancelled – (as circled in red) – yet at […]

Link Baiting At Its Worst (Best?)

Keen to get a boost from the popularity of the Australian version of the singing contest, The Voice – on which British performer Seal is a judge, The Age came up with this headline for a story: Of course, when you click on that link, you get: Lost Seal Slips Into Town In Fishy Tale […]

Another Channel Ten F1 Fail

Hot on the heels of Network Ten’s latest shafting of Australian Formula One fans, comes another F1 fail from the network. Here’s a screen capture of the EPG for tonight’s coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix: …which reads: “At the 2012 Formula One, fans will get to see all of the action, excitement and drama […]

Herald Sun Too Weak To Admit Screw Up

Much hilarity ensued tonight when the Herald Sun apparently “inadvertently” revealed the winner of the Gold Logie award. At 11:40pm, they released a statement: Technical Glitch Reveals Winner “At no time did the Herald Sun publish the name of the winner on its website, iPad app or in Twitter.” Oh really? What about this screen […]

Future News!

Found this this morning on the Herald Sun website. That’s this morning, Monday April the 2nd, 2012: April 3rd? Why can’t they do this with the Tattslotto numbers?