Another Channel Ten F1 Fail

Hot on the heels of Network Ten’s latest shafting of Australian Formula One fans, comes another F1 fail from the network.

Here’s a screen capture of the EPG for tonight’s coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix:

…which reads:

“At the 2012 Formula One, fans will get to see all of the action, excitement and drama on TEN. This season boasts two Australian drivers for the first time in history, Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo.”

Ignoring the poor grammar, two Australian drivers for the first time in history?

Sorry, what?

Let’s go all time machine back to 1974, shall we?

The 1974 Monaco, Dutch, and British Grands Prix all had two Australian drivers competing, Tim Schenken – (currently the race director with V8 Supercars) – and Le Mans winner, Vern Schuppan.

Further, the 1974 German Grand Prix had three Australian drivers competing. Schenken, Schuppan, with the addition of future V8 Supercars legend, Larry Perkins.

There would be other races where multiple Australian drivers were involved, but I looked only at 1974.

Ten already treat the coverage of the sport with apparent nonchalance.

Maybe they should treat the history of the sport with a little more respect too?