Andrew Laming With Another Online Hatchet Job

Regular readers may remember the laughable effort displayed towards me by Andrew Laming when dealing with criticism of his position of the National Broadband Network (NBN) back in April this year.

Andrew ended up blocking me on Twitter – (which he is perfectly entitled to do) – and I thought nothing of it until I discovered his very own social media policy, which he prepared for ‘all politicians’:

“Politicians reaching out to their communities via social media should avoid getting into public slanging matches with critics.”

“…disconnecting or blocking constituents is ‘the most damaging thing a candidate can do’…”

Andrew got into a very public slanging match that night in April, and he blocked me – thereby completely ignoring his own “policy”.

Tonight, the post I made in April came up in another conversation online, and Andrew tried to have a go at me, labelling it a “fabrication”:

TWEET: @mwyres @janeelot @AndrewLamingMP Michael, nice fabrication. Am neither wrong, nor bothered to even waste a click blocking you. Welcome back”

I stand by my original comments for which I labelled Laming “wrong”.

Laming also doesn’t think he “wasted a click” blocking me.

Are you sure about that Andrew?

While I can see the tweet via a search – (blocking a person doesn’t remove their tweets from search results):

This is what happens when I try and view the tweet individually:

And this is what happens when I try and view his timeline:

So, you’ve “not bothered” to block me, Andrew?

I call bullshit, but I do apologise for you having to waste a click on me in April.

You blocked me then, and I’m still blocked now, despite your protestation that you did no such thing.

Secondly, aren’t you supposed to be staying off Twitter, in case of “stuff ups and scandals”?

Well, you stuffed up again, pal.

I’ll give you some advice Andrew – the internet never forgets.

Current score is: Wyres 2, Laming 0.

UPDATE: 18/12/2012 13:56: I have been reliably informed that Laming has been blocking other people who tried to call him out on his lies last night. What’s the matter Andrew? Don’t want to face up to a little truth? Sorry about that.

So much for not blocking people because it’s the “most damaging thing a candidate can do.”

Have you blocked this guy? I bet you haven’t – because he agreed with you.

  • Laming is a lying jerk

  • He’s blocked me too now LOL