That Race Control Email

The second day of the Gold Coast 600 was controversial, with the kerb hopping detection system – (effectively a timing loop embedded in the kerbs) – copping the flack for being apparently inaccurate.

A number of drivers were clearly jumping kerbs and not being penalised, while others who didn’t seem to be jumping them were being penalised.

Most notable was the Holden Racing Team car number one, which was ordered in for a penalty under huge protest from the team, who were insistent that driver Darren Turner was not jumping the kerbs.

So what did THAT email say? (Click for larger view).

“I cannot complain more vehemently about this .. the cars in front are doing the same as our driver and they are not getting triggers .. the systems operation is very questionable and this decision will destroy our race .. we will comply .. but under extreme protest…”

Of course, Race Control responded with:

“Penalty stands or the car will be excluded.”

What I find interesting from the email HRT sent to the stewards, they didn’t say they hadn’t jumped the kerbs, just that “the cars in front are doing the same”.

They are of course right in saying that they shouldn’t have been penalised if everyone else isn’t.

Time to get the kerb hopping sensors sorted out, before rubbish like this happens again.