Windows 7 Approaches

There’s been a lot of talk since the release of Windows Vista at the start of 2007, and just how “bad” it is. Many of the people spreading “the word” of just how good it supposedly wasn’t were found out to have never tried it – even to the point where Microsoft performed a market study, and tested a group of people who “didn’t like” Vista, with a “new, upcoming” version of Windows. The study showed that almost all of them loved this new version.

It was actually Vista they were using – proving that Vista’s problems were largely perception, rather than based in any technical understanding. I’ve never struck any major issues in running Vista.

While Vista does – (as does any operating system) – have it’s problems, they certainly are not significant to almost all users. The final release of Vista to market was, admittedly, somewhat rushed, and many of the features initially slated for inclusion with Vista were dropped months before the launch. Some of the things that made it in, lacked some “polish”.

Enter Windows 7 – (oddly enough, it’s official version is 6.1, but that’s a whole different story) – which is proving to be what Vista should have been. Vista with the polish added. I’ve been participating in the Beta program, and running a number of different pre-release versions for some months. I’ve yet to strike a problem while using it.

It’s smooth. It’s fast. And it’s released in October. Check out the Microsoft site above for more information, but from my perspective, Windows 7 is a very special version of Windows – quite possibly the best ever.

Generally speaking, I’m a Linux user – but Microsoft has done a great deal to drastically improve their flagship product. And it wasn’t that bad to begin with.