Flogging A Horse Until It Is Dead

Nobody doubts the amazing success of MasterChef Australia for Network Ten. A lot of people – myself NOT included – were clearly very interested in the show.

Not content with the amazing ratings, we got hit with Celebrity MasterChef Australia – *yawn* – and Junior MasterChef Australia is expected to air in 2010, along with a new series of the main program.

Talk about flogging a horse until it is dead. Then I saw this:

Why not milk some more money out of it with this? The sad thing is, people will almost certainly buy it. Time to give it a rest?

  • unrealshots

    The REALLY sad thing, is that the book is mostly comprised of Coles recipe cards…

  • magux

    well while people are making money out of it with will beat it to its last cent, i.e; x-factor, Australian idle, big brother (shudders just thinking of that show)

  • Coles recipe cards…hilarious since this was taken at a Safeway!