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Deeper Look at Telstra/NBN Deal

The dust has settled a little since the surprise announcement yesterday of the $11Bn deal between the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co), and Telstra, that will see the NBN rolled out using predominantly passive Telstra infrastructure. Namely, this is Telstra’s network of pits, ducts, and some cabling infrastructure. The deal will see the gradual […]

Where is Kevin Rudd’s Left Hand?

Exactly which part of Stephen Conroy’s anatomy does Kevin Rudd have a hold of in this shot? Some have said yesterday’s Telstra / NBN Co deal has taken Telstra by the short and curlies. Maybe our Prime Minister has a different set of short and curlies in mind?

Telstra NBN Deal: First Thoughts

One of the biggest issues – particularly in terms of cost – for Australian ISPs at this time, is access to the local copper loop to provide DSL service. DSL services – (whether they be ADSL, ADSL2, SHDSL or any other xDSL based service) – cover the vast majority of all internet connections in Australia. […]

Another Conroy Lie!

As is my habit in the car, I tend to listen to ABC NewsRadio, as this is often the only chance I get to absorb news media during any given day. Travelling home from work this evening, I stopped to listen to some live senate discussion about film and literature classification. Normally I turn off […]

Another Spellchecker Fail

I have never really understood in this age of spellcheckers – (and similar) – in modern computer systems, how obvious spelling mistakes can creep into newspapers – both in online and print versions. Of late, Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper has been particularly good at missing really obvious stuff, but it is a phenomenon that finds […]

The Case of the Little Pink Pussycat

There has been a lot of talk both online and offline since yesterday’s revelation that the Australian government wishes to force ISPs to log internet browsing histories for an extended period of time for all users, without the need for a warrant. Without jumping to Orwellian conclusions – (lets remember, this is only a proposal […]

Government Seeks to Out-do Google Privacy Breach

Hot on the heels of the wild accustion by Stephen Conroy that Google had committed the “single biggest breach of privacy in history”, and in the spirit of “anything you can do, we can do better”, comes the revelation that the same government that he is a part of, via the Department of the Attorney-General, […]

Conroy: Stupid Statement Number 6397

In an interview this morning on ABC Local Radio Melbourne, our esteemed Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, bleated out yet another of his either misinformed statements, complete misunderstandings, or out-and-out untruths. In regards to the recent ruckus he has been creating over Google’s inadvertent collection of data from WiFi networks, he had this to say (audio […]

Announcing the Non-Conroy Filter

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on in the current internet filtering debate in this country, you would have to be incredibly naive to think it is a clear-cut yes or no question. There are certainly benefits to either filtering or not filtering internet connections. Although most will already know my position […]

Gary, Addy, Gary, Addy

Back in March, the Gold Coast Bulletin created a bit of a stir when they posted a photoshopped image of Gary Ablett Jnr in Gold Coast guernsey, as a bit of a dig at the contract negotiations between Ablett and Geelong, and the reported massive offer Gold Coast have made to Ablett. The Geelong Advertiser […]