Software Problems For Missing E-Class Trams?

Read an interesting report this morning regarding the status of Melbourne’s new E-Class trams:

“Just over a fortnight into the life of the E-Class trams, they have disappeared from route 96 and from the network.”

As can be expected with anything brand new – (and in particular something as complicated as a tram) – there were always going to be teething problems. As such, I don’t think it is time to worry just yet.

It is however, a little concerning that problems with basic things like “jamming doors” and “air-conditioning” are popping up. Door and air-conditioning systems are not “brand new”.

“Mr Weber said he was aware of E-class tram problems including the doors of the 6002 jamming, and airconditioning problems on 6001.”

This comes after an incident where a service operated by an E-Class tram was terminated due to a “software problem”:


“A Yarra Trams spokesman Simon Murphy confirmed the E-class trams were off the network. He said further information about the reasons for their absence would be available soon.”

Can’t they just tell us why? Seems like an evasive response to me. This “software problem” has ominous overtones.

Let’s wait and see on this one though.