John Smith Outlines His Plans

Voting in mayoral elections for Geelong continues, following the resignation of previous Mayor, Keith Fagg, due to health concerns.

For the last couple of Geelong mayoral votes, the mysterious “John Smith” has nominated for the job. Nobody knows who he is, and he has never shown up at any functions relating to the process.

Included with the voting materials is a short blurb from each candidate on why you should vote for them. Here is Mr Smith’s:

“Hello again from John Smith. Please don’t be annoyed that you are required to vote again – use this opportunity to re-write history. Sometimes the most popular of choices isn’t the best option. For example – I put all my eggs in the one basket (bad idea) and now I am, unemployed, homeless and living out of my car. So if I don’t respond promptly to requests and communications, its [sic] because I have very limited access to resources. I am sure knowing this you will understand. Yet still I believe I have plenty to offer this “Great City and Region”. Please vote 1 John Smith. Truly Independent.”

Whoever this guy is, he perhaps shouldn’t be wasting our time – but he sure has a sense of humour.