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John Smith Outlines His Plans

Voting in mayoral elections for Geelong continues, following the resignation of previous Mayor, Keith Fagg, due to health concerns. For the last couple of Geelong mayoral votes, the mysterious “John Smith” has nominated for the job. Nobody knows who he is, and he has never shown up at any functions relating to the process. Included […]

Move Corio Station Closer To The Highway?

There is no doubt that Corio Station is something of a boil on the bottom of transport infrastructure in Geelong. It is unmanned, located a long way from anything – (except the Shell Refinery, which has been served by the station since the 1950s) – and is a dark and miserable location. Certainly not a […]

Geelong Council Fibbing Over GST?

Last week I found this really curious tip voucher from the City of Greater Geelong (COGG), apparently to apologise for a rise in landfill costs. “The Federal Government’s GST and carbon tax and the State Government imposed EPA levy – which has gone up again – have caused tip fees to increase. In fact, state […]

Bittersweet End To Dog Attack Saga

My regular readers will remember my involvement in a serious dog attack incident in my street on a quiet Sunday morning in August last year. The follow up response to the incident was less than ideal, but the hands of the local council were tied by the existing laws on what they could and could […]

The Biggest Insult With The New V/Line Timetable

The other day I wrote about how once again travel times on the Geelong V/Line service had been increased with the preparation of a new timetable, which goes into effect later this month. This is not the first time travel times have been increased under the auspices of a new timetable. After writing my previous […]

V/Line Extends Geelong Travel Times Again

Well, once again is seems Geelong rail commuters are having their peak journey times lengthened by V/Line, with the release of new timetables to take effect from April 28th. Looking at just the two so-called “flagship” services from Geelong to Melbourne each weekday morning, each leaves the various stations in the Geelong area two minutes […]

No More Seven Car Geelong V/Locity Trains?

While the recent announcement of the addition of 40 new carriages to the V/Line fleet is welcome after years of overcrowding, particularly on the Geelong and Ballarat lines, I believe that an important point has been missed. State Government To Buy 40 New V/Line Carriages “Mr Mulder said today the Government would spent about $207 […]

Why The Dangerous Dog Laws Need ‘Fixing’

About a month ago, I was involved in an incident that saw two roaming, uncontrolled ‘pitbull-style’ dogs attacking a tiny little dog being walked by a little girl on a leisurely Sunday morning in my usually quiet street. I wrote about the incident at the time, happy that I was able to help a young […]

Please Secure Your Pets

Yesterday morning, I had the misfortune to having to confront two roaming “pitbull-style” dogs, who attacked a defenseless little dog being walked by a distraught little girl, outside our home. I was in time to save the dog’s life, but only just. A few more seconds, and I’m certain that little Annie would no longer […]

Icehouse in Geelong

Yesterday, the Nine Network’s Today Show came to Geelong, as a special event for the AFL finals. They brought classic Australian band Icehouse with them. The group played three songs on air. Electric Blue: Hey Little Girl: Great Southern Land: They even played We Can Get Together after the cameras were turned off after the […]