Please Secure Your Pets

Yesterday morning, I had the misfortune to having to confront two roaming “pitbull-style” dogs, who attacked a defenseless little dog being walked by a distraught little girl, outside our home.

I was in time to save the dog’s life, but only just. A few more seconds, and I’m certain that little Annie would no longer be with her traumatised owners.

When I first reached the attacking dogs, and freed Annie from their mouths, she appeared completely lifeless, but she’s a little fighter and we were able to get her to a vet. She can’t use her left front leg, and she’s still not out of the woods, but she is slowly on the mend.

Hopefully the owners of the attacking dogs – (who have been identified) – won’t be out of the woods, and authorities will be speaking with them today, and the exact breed of dog will be identified.

They abused the Channel Nine reporter with an expletive ridden tirade when she approached them.

One hopes they receive a tirade of their own.

I can only implore that everyone make sure everyone looks after their pets, and everyone around their neighbourhood, by ensuring that their pets are appropriately contained. Train your dogs, and make sure they know their place in your family and your life.

I made some new friends yesterday, but I wish it didn’t take what a scared ten-year-old girl, and a tiny little dog had to endure yesterday.

I’m still pretty shaken up about it myself, and I won’t forget it for a long time.

I don’t want to be a hero, I just don’t want it to happen again. To anyone.

UPDATE: 14/08/2012 – the good news is that little Annie is still on the improve, and although she is still having trouble with her front left leg, she is up and walking around, and trying to be a little dog again. The owners of the attacking dogs are believed to have been identified, and investigations by authorities are well underway.