So Hockey Loves The NBN Then?

Despite his constant disapproval for the National Broadband Network, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, when discussing the so-called ”gold plating” of electricity infrastructure, was heard today to say:

“Never heard before the argument that too much infrastructure in essential infrastructure is a bad thing.”

Dooesn’t Joe tell us that the government shouldn’t be building the NBN?

“Well, what it illustrates is that they are just reckless with money. The absurdity of it is that the government is going to be spending money rolling out a National Broadband Network.”

Essential infrastructure.

So for someone who has “never heard before the argument”, it certainly seams he said it, even if he didn’t hear it.

In one breath, spending big on essential infrastructure is good, yet in another, it is bad.


  • I too heard that interview and like you thought he was a bit dumb.

  • SimonReidy

    Ahh but it all comes down to the word “essential” doesn’t it. Unfortunately Hockey is incapable of thinking beyond the next 12 months (and has the technical knowledge of a wombat) so the NBN probably ranks fairly low on his “essential shit we¬†should¬†build” list.

  • Michael surely that logic applies both ways? Labor criticise gold plating on energy infrastructure, but not for NBN?

    • I’m not saying the government is “right” on the gold plating issue, but specifically Joe said that there’s nothing wrong with spending big money on essential infrastructure, where he has previously indicated otherwise via his NBN comments.

      The difference is the price increases for electricity over the past few years cannot be fully accredited to infrastructure upgrades.