Bittersweet End To Dog Attack Saga

My regular readers will remember my involvement in a serious dog attack incident in my street on a quiet Sunday morning in August last year.

The follow up response to the incident was less than ideal, but the hands of the local council were tied by the existing laws on what they could and could not do.

The end result has proven to be bittersweet.

“A pitbull called Tiny had to be put down after her owner ignored repeated calls by authorities to have the dog seen by a vet, a court has heard.”

“Geelong Magistrates’ Court was told [the owner’s] cruelty in allowing the dog’s declining condition to continue untreated for three months left the veterinary surgeon with little option but to have her euthanased.”

While the neglect the dog suffered at the hands of her owner is horrifying to me as an animal lover, it is gratifying that this dog can no longer roam the streets, harming other animals, and potentially humans too.

I must admit, I don’t know quite how I’m feeling about it this morning.