Photoshop Fail

I was just watching a video about the three-match suspension of Melbourne player Jack Trengrove on the Herald-Sun AFL Minisite, and noticed an epic Photoshop fail.

Firstly, lets look at a shot from within the running video:

Note the lack of a “Herald-Sun Superfooty” sign on the wall behind Trengove. Now, lets look at the preview thumbnail that displays before the video rolls:

Hmm…not even a good Photoshop job, with the logo actually being wider than the piece of wall behind him that they’ve tried to paste it onto.

It encroaches on the black door frame on the left, and on the right it magically appears on a section of wall that is clearly some distance closer to the camera than the main piece of wall they tried to use.

Not a good look – is it really that important to get the Superfooty logo in there?

  •  Matt Windley’s hair could use some healing brush too!

  • Good pickup.  Looks like their ‘watermark’ is oddly placed on that still/icon they are using for the video placeholder.  Matt Windley’s hair could sure use some healing brush though, that’s for sure!