Gillard Has Conroy-itis

It seems to me that Julia Gillard has caught the same disease as her Minister for (Mis)communications, Stephen Conroy. I call it “Conroy-itis”.

The major symptom is the ability to say one thing about the proposed internet filter, when you know categorically that the truth is the complete opposite.

For months Conroy in particular has been telling us that the internet filter, if introduced, will not slow down the internet – (cue the “one seventieth of a blink of an eye” rhetoric) – in any way whatsoever. He also tells us that it is “100% accurate”.

“She said the government is working through how the internet filter could be introduced without slowing down connection speed or accidentally banning content that is appropriate.”

Now, if the internet filter will not slow down the internet, why are they “working through how the internet filter could be introduced without slowing down connection speed” or “accidentally banning content that is appropriate”?

Seems to me they know it will slow down the internet, and that it isn’t 100% accurate.


  • The issue is not the speed at which information comes to or from us. Nor is it the control over what we may or may not be able to see, online.

    The real issue is that the government is, this week, pushing legislation to take all restrictions off our intelligence agencies, wityh respect to what they can eavesdrop on. When you also consider that these agencies are funding post graduate research into things like intercepting VOIP streams and decoding them, we should be more and more concerned about a “big brother” government.

    Of course, the standard response is that these measure will be “to find the Taliban” – but there are no checks and balances in place or proposed as to whether that becomes “promoting voting for someone other than the inccumbent governent”.