Monthly Archives: October 2010

Way to Plagiarise Brian!

I stumbled this afternoon on an interesting little kerfuffle about the clear and obvious plagiarising of a blog post by @misscoca, another example of just how easy it is to try and appear smarter online. People even set up “auto-plagiarising sites” these days, with varying degrees of success. Spot The Difference Lauren posted this interesting […]

Gold Coast Wiggle Racing?

Are newly appointed Gold Coast assistant coach Andy Lovell, the blue Wiggle Anthony Field, and Mark Webber related, or the same person? You be the judge – our lines are open!

Bathurst: 20 Years of a Famous Victory

With Bathurst approaching this weekend, there has been much focus on the famous victory in the 1990 Tooheys 1000 by Win Percy and Allan Grice, driving for the then newly formed Holden Racing Team. The race holds a special place for a lot of people – particularly Holden fans – after a long drought of […]