Untruths More Painful Than Reality

I’ve not exactly been myself this week. I do know exactly why that is, but I also can’t and won’t talk about why – at least not in a public forum.

To all my family and friends, if I have been short with you in any way this week, I apologise. For our closest friends who know the full story, I know you will understand. I know, because you’ve already shown that you do.

This situation has rocked me to the core of who I am.

On Tuesday, an accusation was made against me that was not only completely untrue, it was hurtful and disgusting. The worst part of all was that it came from within my extended family – from a person I should have been able to trust.

Clearly I could not.

We have made the decision as a family, that at this time we will cease contact with this person. It should not have to be this way, but we are left with no choice.

I am writing this post tonight in the hope that this person might read this, and realise the pain they have caused us – me, my amazing partner, and my gorgeous daughter – and the pain this scurrilous accusation will likely continue to cause in the time to come.

Reading this may be the only way they will ever understand how we feel right now.

You have betrayed our trust, you have gone behind our backs and put a mark against my name that I will never forgive you for. It will be proven untrue, but it will always be there.

You have put doubts in our minds we should not have – fortunately, these are starting to pass.

They say time heals all wounds – but this one is going to take a lot of time. A lot of time. No doubt you feel angry towards us right now, but this is of your own doing. Do not try to kid yourself that it was not you who have done the wrong here.

I hope you’re proud of yourself, and what you have caused yourself to lose. Right now, we are so much stronger without you.